At Parikh Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd. we are focused on getting your App in front of the largest group of people we can. Nowadays, 90% of mobile device activity occurs within apps, as opposed to browser. According to a TRAI report, there are currently 325 million application users in India. Of these, 195 million are local language users 60% of chats on social media are conducted in regional languages. App localization is the key to reach this major population. In the coming years, localization is going to be a necessity rather than an asset. Now is the right time to exploit our resources for your benefit and plunge into the era of Globalization. We help you translate apps keeping technical, cultural and linguistic differences in consideration. Testing of the final App is an important aspect in App Localization, we have the latest technology and a highly trained team to serve this purpose. To localize your App look no further, Parikh Info Solutions is the answer.

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Indians download Apps in Native Language than in English as per a finding in Nasscom Forecasts.


more download rate was observed when the app localization is done from English to target languages; as per a study run by an App developer David Janner.

128 Download Rate

per country growth in download rate was observed when company translate apps; as found in a study at Distmo.

28 Experience

increase in revenues was experienced by companies that translate apps by app localization service.

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