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Why Choose Certified Translation Services

Today, with even small businesses potentially serving a global client base, it has become necessary to communicate fluently across languages and cultures. But communication is based a lot on context, eg, professional communication between two medical professionals will be quite different than that of two engineers. Cross-context communication translation is hard and unless great care is taken, many things can be lost in translation due to specific jargons and phrases used in different industries. At PISPL, we make sure to provide linguists who are experts in specific industries so that your translation is error free and sends the message which was originally intended. We provide industry specific translation in several different sectors.

Why are certified translation services important-

Certified translation means a translated document that needs a signed statement from the translator or the translation agency verifying the accuracy of the translation. The translated text includes everything in the original or source document. A certified translation is a mirror image of the original and shows the translation of trademarks, seals, notations, and other information and their location in the document.

Certified translations are almost always necessary for legal paperwork, such as documentation used in trials or hearings. When it comes to any item that has to be submitted to a legal or government body, certified translations will likely be required. Certified translations attest to the authenticity and quality of the translation. With the Certificate of Accuracy that accompanies the translated document, you and the translator signify that every information contained in the business documents is true and accurate.

When you want to venture into a foreign land, you have to contend with differences in language. Native-speaking translators ensure that your translations are accurate and culturally appropriate because words in one language can mean differently in other languages. When your business documents are certified, you can have effective communication, because the translation is valid.

Moreover, when you upload, submit, store, send or receive content to or through Google’s Services, such as Google Translate, you give Google a worldwide license to use, host, store, reproduce, modify, create derivative works, communicate, publish, publicly perform, publicly display and distribute such content. Certified translation services, like us, understand your concerns for data safety and privacy. We respect your trust in us and protect your confidentiality. With our secure server and file management system, we ensure complete safety and privacy for your data.

Translation Services for industries We Cover

1. Medical Translations Services

2. Information Technology Translations Services

3. Telecom Translations services

4. Technical / Engineering Translations services

5. Entertainment Translations services

6. Corporate Communication Translations services

7. Media Translations services

8. Government Document Translations services

9. Education Translations services

10. Gaming Translations services

11. Marketing Translations services

Medical Translations Services:

Medical translation is translating various types of documents, such as training materials for healthcare, medical device or pharmaceutical fields, marketing or clinical, regulatory, and technical documentation. These documents contain serious and sensitive information about patients, medicines, and devices. Therefore, we put the utmost emphasis on the quality and effectiveness of our translated output. Our expert translators have hands-on experience in translating various documents in the medical industry.

Information Technology Translations Services:

We are called the “Age of Information” because of both our fervent desire and our ever-evolving ability to share, learn and build upon knowledge and information across all channels; through and with all sensory perceptions. We can share visual ideas and information through innumerable methods and platforms.

On a global level, IT is the most demanded industry for translation services. Owning to our defined work process and experienced team, we provide all type translation for the IT industry with guaranteed high-quality, timely delivery, and 100% client satisfaction. 

Telecom Translations services:

Technological advancements in the telecommunication industry has pushed the global boundaries of connectivity; companies worldwide are struggling to access and raise market shares in foreign markets. When you contact telecom translation services, you need to be sure that along with accurate instruction manuals and technical documentation, you need to make sure that your marketing materials are well-localised and sensitive to the cultural difference of your target audience.

Today everyone in the world relies on telecommunication whether to stay connected or to run a business. As a telecom service provider, it becomes necessary for you to provide comfort to your users by providing information in their regional language. We provide translations that are easy to understand by all, which help you to gain their trust and reduce future costs to correct misunderstandings.

Entertainment Translations services:

Globalisation has brought an array of opportunities for the business in the media and entertainment. With the financial stakes so high, many local entertainment industries are looking to capture audiences beyond their geographic boundaries.

For entertainment business, we provide creative adaptation services, captions, episode descriptions, video subtitling services, voice-over services and dubbing scripts for all major Indian, Asian and European languages to help you create and market content to the world audience in their own local language. Investing in translation would mean more accurate subtitles with precision, and delivered with the requisite speed a time-sensitive product (a weekly TV show, for example) demands.

Government Document Translations services:

We provide translation services for government agencies, charities, and NGOs around the world. Our linguists have experience and expertise in translating various government documents such as reports, bids, tenders, procurements, online and print communication, election related content etc.

Education Translations services:

Education is important for the growth of any individual. Therefore, it is dispensed not only by schools and colleges but also used by organizations as a training and development tool. We have a team of professionals who have subject expertise in education translation, which ensures that every translation is tailored according to the cultural context of the targeted audience.

English as a language is the window to the world. Some of the best literature in the world is available in English. We help you translate these texts in your mother tongue, so that language does not pose as a hindrance in attaining knowledge. And not only that, we offer translation to and from multiple languages, to make learning easier. 

You can learn more about our other translation services here.

Professional translation and localization are the vehicles essential for sharing our thoughts, expressions, feelings, perceptions and ideas, from one region to another; one culture to another and one language to another. Without it, we are left with severely limited and isolated societies, or forced to slow technological development with the time that it takes to become fluent in another language.

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