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Dubbing is a creative process that includes creative adaptation of script.

We at Parikh Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd. make sure this troublesome process undergoes seamlessly. We see video dubbing as an opportunity to create from one original to new original.

Our adapted script reads and feels like it was written in the target language. We have a large group of professional dubbing artists for you to choose from.

We understand your needs of voice modulation, tone, age, sex and attitude. We know the amount of efforts that go into creating the original video and hence we make sure our video dubbing services justify those efforts.

Video dubbing services we provide are professionally recorded at a recording studio to give the best quality.

We feel proud to be asked to provide dubbing services for big or small projects. We take special care for protecting the confidentiality of our client's content.

Parikh Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd. offers dubbing services for:

Benefits Of Working With Us

Creative Adaptation
Large Pool of Professional dubbing Artists
Superior Quality Sound
Upload-Quality file formats
Fast turnaround
Competitive rates

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