We, at Parikh Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd. help you achieve uniformity in your CAD files by migrating the CAD files between many leading software. We help you increase the compatibility of your CAD files by migrating them to the software of your need by maintaining the integrity of your 2D/3D drawings and saving your valuable time. We specialize in translating both native and neutral CAD file formats. Data Migration can also ease the process of outsourcing. We offer services that eliminate the error while importing and exporting large files from software. For simulation-based projects we also offer Mesh file conversion that when imported from modelling software otherwise create flaws. Our team also undertakes CAD data Translation to form FFO and AO to simplify complex models used for designing. We provide Batch Translation to provide a more rigid solutions for your large set of data such as legacy files. We heal the models as per your need when exporting across software this also includes Complete Re-modelling, Recreation and Geometric Migration.

2D-3D CAD Data Migration Service

Benefits Of Working With Us

Data Consistency
Competitive rates
Fast Turnaround
Accurately Validated data over many CAD tools

Other Services Provided By Us

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