At Parikh Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd. we provide highest quality internet GIS services. Although plenty of Geographic information is in place today, the challenge is to bring it to widely distributed users and make it an essential asset for managing protected areas. Users will be able to conduct GIS analysis over the web and developers may broaden their market share, while within and among institutions. The web allows visual interaction between data and people. By setting up a web server, clients can produce maps and charts for viewing by others, and this helps speed up management and decision making. We provide the latest technology to launch your maps as a website. We have a highly trained team to serve all your GIS needs such as, Creating the maps (with or without database), designing a website with selective map and database layers to display, zoom, advanced find/search etc. along with hosting on a map server, etc. We also provide custom ‘map’ related website code and tools. We imply attractive rates and a fast turnaround.

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