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Parikh Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is an MSME registered, ISO 9001:2015 certified, leading Language Services Provider offering translation, transcription, voice-over, dubbing, subtitling and Paper to CAD Conversion services to international clients from over 25 countries.

Human evolution began with the propitious virtue of communication. Language, a vital figment of socialisation, is a bridge which allows the wheels of dialogue to roll. We are a diligent and compassionate team of competent professionals, upholding the above values. We at Parikh Info Solutions have achieved the epitome of multilingual interaction. In fact, our own multilingual team comprises of members from various states of India, speaking different languages, working for the common goal of highest quality services within stipulated timelines for all of our clients!

ISO 9001:2015 certified
MSME registered

Our Roots

Parikh Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (PISPL) was founded back in 1998 and was a pioneer in offering CAD conversion and GIS services. In 2002, we ventured into language services field and since have been expanding our services portfolio and the languages supported.

Being a Mumbai Based company, we have come to entertain and facilitate both Indian and International parties. Our benevolent assistance has been appreciated throughout the globe. Dubbing media to the language of your liking, translation of essential data and localisation of applications, all come under our ambit. Being them the exclusive subtitles for your favourite show, or transcribing your essential e-media to multilingual texts, we house them all.

For the business operating over the Internet, we administer special features. Website localization, software localization and App localisation are yet, another domains we successfully cover. We have helped numerous online firms to establish their content with people of a plethora of ethics. Bridges being constructed virtually from one end of the world to another.

It is truly a gratifying moment for us, to aid people to connect.

We also have over 20 years of rich experience in executing bulk CAD conversion projects for many Indian and overseas clients. We use heads-up digitization to offer accurate and to-the-scale paper to CAD conversion and support several industry verticals and offer 2D CAD drafting services for mechanical, architectural, electrical, civil, piping, and GA drawings. We support the leading CAD software, IntelliCAD.

Industries We Cover

Corporate Communication Industry Image - Parikh Info Solutions

Translation and Localisation Services for Corporate Sectors

For the aim of reaching a broad global market, endorsing localisation strategies is essential. Relish in elite services for making your brand name universal. Establish concrete foundations with indigenous customers, all across the world with our masterful translators and passionate developers.

Education Industry Image - Parikh Info Solutions

Academic and Education Translation Services

Education is the key to success for any individual. Refining the academics with translated content, for a better interpretation by the local students. Give the edge to your learners, with localised materials, personalised to suit their needs. Confide in our committed professionals, which have the exhaustive knowledge of the intellectual subjects. Gain the superiority in the competitive realm of education right now!

Engineering Industry Image - Parikh Info Solutions

Translation services for Technical Industries

We are an ISO certified technical translation agency. We care for the supreme precision and accuracy in the field of engineering. With trained experts, definite translation of engineering and scientific documents is guaranteed. With strict quality-control sessions to thorough proofreading, we leave no window for errors to creep in. Your valuable data is in safe hands of masterful and knowledgeable experts.

Government Industry Image - Parikh Info Solutions

Certified Translation Services for Government Authorities

Setting the professional standards, we provide executive translation for the Government Sectors. Presenting with precise Diplomatic translations for public and private sectors. All government affairs translations are entertained under our abode. Make use of meticulous conversion of Government information in all local and global languages. Also, we give our top-most priority to content confidentiality and abhorring any breach of information.

Information Technology Industry Image - Parikh Info Solutions

Translation Services for Information Technology (IT) Industries

Information Technology Industry has been growing at an unprecedented rate. We have customers settled in New York, accessing the facilities of Indian Hotlines. Revel in our masterful linguistic expertise, to improve your IT Industry businesses and models. Relish effective communications to strike connections all over the world. Take your IT Industry Company, to a worldwide platform, with our genius.

Marketing Industry Image - Parikh Info Solutions

Marketing Industry

Corporate enterprises require translation services to maintain global brand visibility. We provide quality translation services within a shorter period of time to assure uninterrupted global communication for your brand.

Medical Industry Image - Parikh Info Solutions

Medical Translation Services and Hospital Interpretation

The communications between the medical teams and between doctors and patients are significant. Rely on our leading medical translation and interpreting services. Translating medical documents to a wealth of languages or easy accessibility by all. Making the interactions between patients and their life-givers, flexible and congenial. Localising medical support to every native need.

Telecom Industry Image - Parikh Info Solutions

Telecommunication Translation and Localisation Services

Telecommunication is vital for any institution to operate. Naturally, it covers getting in touch with global markets. By providing the common grounds of the same language, win over international patrons. Telecommunication Industry is soaring over telephones, mobiles, voice over internet protocol (VoIP) and satellite services. Translating your content over the phone is an excellent scheme to reach out to new clients. Deliver your ideas and messages to viewers throughout the globe, in their words.

Media Industry Image - Parikh Info Solutions

Translation and Localisation for Media and Entertainment Sector

All cherish media and Entertainment facilities. Thus, we must localise the foreign content and news for local viewers. Being proud partners of numerous Media Agencies and Publication Houses, we never fail to deliver. Translating and localising media articles, documents, interviews, case studies and a lot more. Taking your essential news to every corner of the world and delivering the message; is our promise. Globalise your channel with our expertise.

Gaming Industry Image - Parikh Info Solutions

Video Games Translation and Localisation Services

The gaming industry has never been this rowdy! Make your games most entertaining by giving them a touch of localisation. Personalise them to suit the indigenous gamers. Translation of video games, to make them more immersive, playable and heart-warming. Offering localisation facilities for games on all platforms like PC Games, Mobile Games, Console Games. Give the players, the best game titles, in their language!

Our Vision And Mission

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Our Mission Image

We have a local as well as globally satisfied clientele. Our highly trained team maintains the global code of standards to deliver accurate and reliable translation services.

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The Internet has been recently flooded with services, claiming to be fast and cheap. We, on the other hand, have focused on quality rich content and minding the apposite deadlines.

Like all start-ups, we had humble beginnings kindred with unmatched zeal. Due to our competitive nature, we earned the invaluable trust of various firms. We are honoured to be the part of auspicious firms and business groups, who have put their faith in us. It's been over 2 decades, and we have been growing at an unprecedented rate since then.

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We Care For All

Language is a core characteristic of a culture. People will always feel more comfortable with those having the same tongue. It is a noble task indeed if we can provide a home-like environment.

India, for instance, is a multi-cultural and multiethnic hub. There are common regional languages. Then there are those, which are less common and rarely spoken.

Our team feels a great surge of honour for which, we have given a platform for these isolated speakers to spread their wings.

We facilitate rare Indian languages such as Sanskrit, Sylheti, Maithili, Konkani, Bodo, Dogri and Santali. This allows us to uphold the majestic heritage of our country. We care and support indigenous speakers and their necessity for growth.

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