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Give us any movie, TV series or video, we at Parikh Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd. will subtitle it to the highest quality. If you have a pre-approved script, we can also time-code it to the video. We deal with all the file formats of videos out there for subtitling services. We paraphrase the captions so that they provide meaningful dialogues within the 'time constraint'. A thought out adaptation of source language to the target language is carried out for subtitling considering the cultural differences. Literal translation can result in addition of words from source to target languages. We make sure the viewer does not have to read far lines to understand the content. To maintain the translation quality of subtitles all our native translators have a rich experience of at least 5 years in subtitling and all the captions go through multiple proof-readers. The text is then placed in the video making sure it does not hinder the video or disturb it. Parikh Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a cost-effective and reliable solution for your subtitling and closed captioning needs. We preserve the confidentiality of your content. We take special care of your deadlines to deliver the best results. We believe in an efficient post-delivery service making sure all your concerns are satisfied. We provide video subtitling and captioning services for:

Video Subtitling - Work Flow

After our project manager receives a time-coded source script and source video we select a suitable subtitling software as per the client's needs. A linguist is assigned for detailed high-quality subtitles and translation is necessary. The script then undergoes creative adaptation using the selected subtitling software. The script is run by the client for feedback and editing. After a satisfactory script is created it is time-coded and put into the source video. A final editing is done by the project manager to ensure an error free script and video. Final video is then submitted to you in required format. This workflow gives you a benefit of reduced cost and quickest turnaround time. This is complete work flow of our subtitling service.

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Superior Subtitling quality
Expert Translators
Confidentiality of your content
Fast turnaround
Flexibility in file formats
Competitive rate structure

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