AI Dubbing Services with Human-Like Voice in 25+ Languages

The ultimate blend of AI dubbing under human expertise to produce error-free, accurate, reliable & quality voice-over solutions!

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Best AI Dubbing With Human-Like Voice

What is AI-Dubbing?

Parikh Info Solutions provides AI dubbing services with the latest technology & human intelligence.

While traditional studio dubbing requires a lot of time, and space & can be overly expensive. The technology-based service offers unrealistic voice and poor pronunciation making it sound artificial.

We bring you the AI automated cloud-based dubbing platform backed up by human expertise. The most unique & ideal platform, we will deliver high-quality voice solutions with accurate nuances & localised customization at affordable prices.

What Makes Our "AI Dubbing Services" so Unique?


Breaks the language barrier with precise and high-quality translation under experienced human experts. Ensuring the delivery of the right content in multiple languages with cultural sensitivity for a seamless dubbing production.


Transcribing a variety of audio sounds with different accents, dialogues and pronunciations to deliver accurate results. Overlooked by professionals, get authentic transcription in preferred languages.


Hassle-free conversion of text into voice in multiple languages. Get the best quality localized audio solutions with proper pronunciation and voice modulation.


Customize dubbing voices according to different regions, places and languages. Under human expertise, get assured personalized results with cultural sensitivity to reach wider audiences.


Transforming or modulating artificial sounding voice to give it a natural human-sounding feel that can be easily understood. Ensuring the quality of voice is not compromised to produce flawless results.

End-to-End Solution

From translation and modulation to dubbing, ensuring to incorporate various customization solutions according to the demands of the client in order to produce an error-free result in no time.

Benefits of AI Dubbing Services - Powered by Humans

Voice Modulation

The voice is tuned to deliver a pleasant human sounding voice with perfect pronunciation & nuances.

Voice Morphing

Each stem voice can be altered to create additional voices in various languages.


Get faster hassle free results in comparison to traditional studio voice dubbing and production.

Integrated Solution

End-to-end customized dubbing solutions with translation & localization services in various voices to choose from.

Reduced Cost

Save studio and voice-over artist costs by choosing automated human-powered voice services.

Why Choose Us for AI Dubbing Services?

Quality Oriented
Years of experience
Native Experts
Hassle Free Process
Latest Technology

Industries We Cover

At Parikh Info Solutions, we offer high-quality dubbing services across industries like Entertainment, media, animation, documentaries, eLearning, Corporate, Gaming, Advertising, and many more.

High-quality dubbing services across industries
Media & Entertainment
Educational Training

Languages We Offer

English: US, UK, Australia & India.

Indian Regional Languages: Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Punjabi, Tamil, and Telugu.

Asian languages: Chinese, Japanese, Indonesian, Korean, and Vietnamese.

Middle East & Eastern European languages: Arabic, Farsi, Polish and Russian.

European languages: Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, and Swedish.

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