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Our interpreters in India operate in an interruption-free environment with a professional background. We are committed to maximizing the quality of your communication experience through a zero disturbance policy.

Video Remote Interpreting Services

What is Video Remote Interpretation Services?

Video Remote Interpretation Services (VRI) offer effective and professional real-time methods to bridge communication and language barriers between two parties.

It is a growing language remote interpretation service in India that uses electronic devices such as web cameras and videophones to generate high-quality results. It is ideally used to deliver sign languages or different language interpretation services. We make this remote interpretation process seamless with experienced language interpreters along with affordable and convenient facilities.

Our dedicated team ensures smooth delivery of video remote interpretation, paying sheer attention to the language and cultural differences. Besides this, our video remote interpretation company ensures client satisfaction with the best quality at an affordable cost.

What is Video Remote Interpretation Services?

What are the Main Benefits of Video Remote Interpretation Services to Organizations?

Video remote interpretation services are the fastest-growing real-time and easily accessible solution for brands looking to communicate with ease.

We at Parikh Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd., bring you the most reliable, high-quality and convenient interpretation services at the best prices. The many benefits of our services ought to bridge the communication gap and build a smooth transition process.

Our highly-skilled expert interpreters and translators will help your company's voice to reach the targeted audience in their native language with ease. Some of the main benefits of our video interpretation services include:

  • Fast Response for Urgent Situations
  • 99% Accuracy
  • Secure Network Connectivity
  • Cost-Effective
  • On-Demand Solution
Benefits of Video Remote Interpreting

Types of Video Remote Interpretation Services

The two basic interpretation modes are:

Simultaneous Interpretation

Simultaneous Interpretation

Simultaneous interpretation (SI) is a mode of interpretation where the interpreter translates the information from one language to another in real-time.

This seamless interpretation translates the words and thoughts in the target language simultaneously while the speaker is speaking. This helps in maintaining a smooth flow, without any pause or interruption. One of the biggest advantages of simultaneous interpretation is it saves time, maintains accuracy and delivers in real-time.

The simultaneous interpreters and translators need to be well versed with both the source and target languages in order to convey the right information. The interpreters need to listen, analyse and convey the source language in the target language simultaneously. Our video remote interpretation services provide experienced professional interpreters with exceptional skills, cultural awareness and language fluency. The simultaneous interpreters are also called conference interpreters as this type of interpretation is mainly used in large-scale events, meetings and conferences.

This real-time translation or interpretation is also used in safety or emergency situations and global conferences where the information is to be conveyed globally in multiple languages.

Consecutive Interpretation

Consecutive Interpretation

Consecutive Interpretation (CI) is a mode of interpretation where the interpreter translates the information from one language to another after a pause or certain period of time. Firstly the professional interpreter gathers the information accurately and then passes it on to the targeted audience.

The interpreter might take notes when the speaker is conveying the message and then reproduce the information to the audience. The consecutive interpretation can also happen when the speaker pauses after one or two sentences while the interpreter delivers it to the audience in the target language.

The consecutive interpreters must be active listeners, who accurately pay attention to your speeches and take notes. Our video remote interpretation services provide experienced interpreters and translators with exceptional skills, cultural awareness and language fluency.

Their sharp memory and attentiveness help them communicate better with the audience. This type of interpretation is widely used in business meetings, interviews, medical consultations, legal meetings, schools and places where time isn't a constraint. One of the biggest advantages of consecutive interpretation is its reliability, effectiveness and ability to connect better with the audience.

Why you should choose our Video Remote Interpretation Services?

The Video Remote Interpreting offered at our company Parikh Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd. brings you several benefits to facilitate the way you communicate.

Quick & Hassle-Free Interpretation

Quick & Hassle-Free Interpretation

We ensure to deliver the best video remote interpretation services with our state-of-the-art facilities. Our team consists of professional and skilled interpreters and translators.

Their expertise will make your experience hassle-free, quick and generate high-quality content. There is little or no delay during meetings, seminars, and discussions.

You will get instant communication in numerous regional and international languages.

High-Speed Network Connectivity

High-Speed Network Connectivity

To ensure a smooth flow and interruption-free communication, it is vital to have a high-speed internet connection.

We are equipped with interpreters who provide seamless video remote interpreting services to you. They have high-speed internet connectivity and quality web cameras to reduce the number of any issues occurring out of bad internet.

We are fully committed to providing you with a quality communication experience unhindered by connectivity complications.

Attention to Cultural Sensitivity

Attention to Cultural Sensitivity

The mere translation or interpretation of words isn't enough to deliver the right information. Every language or region holds cultural differences with various meanings of words, phrases and expressions.

We need to ensure the delivery of the right information without offending anyone by paying sheer attention to cultural references.

Our native interpreters keep an eye out for these differences with their expertise to deliver the right and quality communication experience.



In comparison with other on-site interpreting services, Video remote interpretation services are quite budget-friendly. It holds flexibility as there are no miscellaneous charges.

The VRI services reduce in-person interpreters and travel costs. All that you need is an electronic device and a good internet connection to get your work done. Our video remote interpretation services are reliable as we optimize them according to your budget.

Along with this, we ought to deliver the best and meet up to our client’s expectations to provide a smooth flow of communication.

High-Quality and Accuracy

High-Quality and Accuracy

One of the best features of our video remote interpreting services is our commitment to delivering high-quality and accurate information.

Our team of interpreters and translators are highly trained professionals and native speakers with an eye for perfection. They will ensure to pass on the information from the source language to the target language without any hindrances.

Along with this, they will pay special attention to cultural differences and pass on accurate information with the right collection of words and phrases.

Industries We Are Working With

Video remote interpretation services are widely used in various industries, including healthcare, tourism, government, businesses, education and a lot more. These services benefit them for quick, reliable and accurate interpretation of information in need of emergency or on-demand services. With globalisation, many businesses are now expanding globally. To serve people of different regions speaking different languages, it is vital to target them in their native language. The video remote interpretation services enable the companies to level up their services in multiple languages. If you are looking to expand your business or simply looking for an interpretation service, we are here to help you deliver the right service and bridge the communication barriers with our exceptional team of native experts.

Video Remote Interpretations in Healthcare

VRI in Hospitals

Similar to regular interpreting services, Video Remote Interpretation or VRI provides a better communication solution for patients speaking various languages.This allows doctors to have good interactions with patients and their families. Controlling the power of video-conferencing technology, VRI offers professional interpretation services that’s in some cases better than the services of an on-site interpreter.

VRI In E-learning

VRI in Education

Best Video remote interpretation services have the extra benefit of visual assistance. This allows participants to see the facial expressions and body language of the speaker, which is a very important side of communication.Since VRI offers visual assistance, it is used for both spoken and sign language to the needs of students and their families.

Video Remote Interpreting in Tourism

VRI in Tourism

An increase in the tourism industry across the globe defines the importance of video remote interpretation services for the tourism industry for easy communication with tourists in their native language.Due to the significance of the travel and tourism sector has on the country’s economy, Interpreters give tremendous contributions to the industry.

Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) for Businesses

VRI in Business

VRI services are now widely used in businesses due to the popularity of work culture with members located in various countries who speak different languages.As more employees are becoming more comfortable with communicating using video conferences, the opportunities for many companies and industries to take advantage of VRI have increased.

(VRI) Language Services for Government

VRI in Government

The government frequently needs professional interpretation services. Especially in the current situation of “New Normal” when face-to-face meetings are not possible, Best Video Remote Interpretation Services lets administrators better communicate with the public of other regions and nations.

Language Interpretation for Webinar

VRI in Webinars

Due to the current situation of the new normal, it became necessary to make business meetings, important conferences, and online courses over video conferencing.VRI provides the ability for people with different languages to interact with each other without any linguistic barriers.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

If you are having smartphones, tablets or laptops with good Internet Connection, it is possible to set up VRI calls within an hour.

Yes, You can use alternate video platforms, please mail us on and we'll do our best to accommodate your request.

Every video remote interpreter we provide, either remotely or face to face, is bound by a professional code of practice. This means they must keep all information discussed during the assignment confidential.

Where necessary, you can access our emergency support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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