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Speak Like a Local With your Audience!

Translation services are the need of the hour for every business expanding in different regions of India. It is necessary for them to go beyond the language barriers and interact with the targeted audience. We help you break the language barrier and communicate with your customers in their native lingo with our professional translation services company.

Language Translation Service by Expert Linguists
Professional Language Translation Services

Our experts are well versed in the needs of customers based in India in terms of the type of content they want. Thus, as a global translation company, we give our audience what perfectly resonates with them while ensuring the cultural context of the targeted audience based in India.

We understand the importance of regional languages in every industry. Thus, we provide you with the highest quality translation services with a team that masters your industry's knowledge and techniques. Grammar, tones, essence, meaning, jargon, everything will be taken into consideration to provide you with a high-standard translation services in India.

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What translation services do we provide?

We understand the need for translation for all the businesses hence, without confining it to any specific business requirement or industry; we provide full-fledged translation services near me to all the businesses across different industries.

Legal Translation Services

Legal Translation Services

To help you with the understanding of your legal documents & their apt meaning, legal translation comes into the picture. It is a complex translation binding with the judiciary, hence it is of utmost importance to keep it accurate & relevant. Our team of professionals make it possible for you effortlessly at affordable prices.

Professional Literary Translation Services

Literary Translation Services

We also help you with the translation of magazines, books, chapters, etc. to help you reach the maximum audience. Be it in any language, or any literary element you want to get translated; weve got you covered. Get your literary masterpiece translated into many languages with its apt meaning and emotions. Our experts & professionals make the translation possible for you by making it accurate & relevant at affordable prices.

Business translation services

Business Translation Services

With the growth in international markets, finding opportunities and growing beyond geographical boundaries have become possible. Although it is not as easy as it looks to stand firmly in the non-local or international market, translation of the business into local languages can do wonders. At Parikh Info Solutions with our team of experienced translators & professionals make it possible for you!.

Document Translation Services

Document Translation Services

Apart from legal translation or literary translation, we also ace in translating any document you might need aptly with utmost accuracy. Translate your transcripts, courses, or any document with our team of expert translators at prices that favours your budget.

How Translation Services Promotes Business Growth?

Translating your company's information into multiple languages makes you reach out to a wider audience and makes you publicly available in their native language. It offers a sense of belonging and gives you a firm stand to kickstart your business beyond geographical borders. It makes you look less alien and gives you an edge over competitors. Thus, with the increase in globalization, translation promotes all-around growth of your business.

How does translation help in business?

Language is an essential route toward a company's success. This process can become challenging with language as a barrier between you and your success. At Parikh Info Solutions, we break that wall with our translation services. Our certified translators make you reach out to a wider audience in their native language.

To compete in this global marketplace, companies must use effective strategies to fuel their growth in international networks. This includes worldwide communication with partners, customers, and employees in a variety of languages. We bridge this gap by ensuring effective communication with you and your clients through our translation services based in the India.

One small mistake in translation services can cause you a fortune of loss and also put your brand image in jeopardy. Thus, we use the right words at the right time and guard the norms and ethics of languages during translation services.

Benefits of Our Translation Services

Multiple Languages Covered

Multiple Languages Covered

We provide translation services in USA, the majority of local as well as global languages. We strive to ease your business by removing the barriers to communicating with audiences from various linguistic backgrounds.

Native Experts

Native Experts

Our team comprises professional translators from different industries, with years of experience under their belts. Natives from diverse regions around the globe and the USA, who are well versed in their languages, we adhere to stand as the best global translation company.With a dynamic team, providing authentic document translation services to you is our priority.

All major CAT tools supported

All major CAT tools supported

Our translators use leading CAT (Computer Aided Translation) tools like Trados, Wordfast Pro, Memsource, memoQ, ATMs, TWS, MateCAT, SmartCAT, XTM, etc. to provide high-quality translated output.This helps us in improving productivity while maintaining a fast turnaround at a cheaper price.

Streamlined Work Process

Streamlined Work Process

We deliver error-free and continuous online translation services in USA and all around the world with our defined work process.It helps us to provide results with utmost accuracy to our clients, along with the best customer service experience.

Transparent Pricing

Transparent Pricing

We provide the highest quality online translation services in USA all around the world at an affordable price that can fit into any business’s budget. Along with it, we believe in establishing long-term relationships with our clients.Thus we keep our rates and the procedure behind our services transparent.

Easy Project Consultation

Easy Project Consultation

You may have doubts before the start of the project, concerns during the process, and feedback after the delivery of the product. We provide the necessary help and endeavour to provide easy and outstanding customer service to our clients.

Languages We Offer

Why Choose Parikh Info Solutions for Language Translation Services

Speak Like a Local With your Audience!

Quality Oriented

Quality Oriented

Our quality-oriented work gives you an edge over your competitors. Our team of professional experts with years of experience do the job with utmost accuracy, consistency, & high standards.

Commitment Driven

Commitment Driven

Our mission is to deliver the best quality work to our clients and we are committed to it. At Parikh Info Solutions we strive for excellence, quality & dedication.



We believe in making relationships and not just customer base. Thus, to make it happen, we provide our services at pocket-friendly rates. Our cost-effective services fits aptly to our client’s requirements & assure good quality along with fitting perfectly in the budgets.

Our Translation Process

We provide 100% Quality Assurance and a fast turnaround time through our human translation services in India and also all around the world.

1. Understanding Client Requirements:

First, we as a translation services company understand your requirements and try to resolve your doubts. We try to understand what exactly you are looking for in the budget of your choice.

2. Analysis and Preparation of the Source File:

Then we analyze the source document. Based on that we send a price quote with a specific timeline for the translation project. Meanwhile, the project coordinator, with the help of local language experts creates a source file from the source document.

3. Allocation of Resources:

After the creation of the source file, the project is assigned to the linguist (or a team of linguists) who has expertise on the subject as per the project requirement.

4. Translation:

The translation is done as per your specific requirement. We take care of style, tone, grammar, meaning, cultural nuances along with consistency with industry standards within our translated projects.

5. Quality Check and Assurance:

Quality supervisors proofread and check the translated document. We follow stringent quality check parameters to maintain superior quality in our translation services company.

6. Delivery of the Project:

After a thorough quality check, the translated document is sent to you for feedback and suggestions.

7. Post-Delivery Services:

Parikh Info Solutions takes pride in its after delivery services. Any feedback and suggestions from your side are always welcomed. We implement them right away to prevent delays in your further plan of action.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Yes, every project is undertaken by a dedicated project manager who takes care of the project from start to finish. All the communications are managed by them and you can get in touch with the project manager with respect to any concern or query.

Yes, a minimum fee of USD 15 for small translation jobs.

The delivery period depends upon the project volume, number of languages, type of service required etc. However, the minimum turnaround time for small jobs is 24 hours.

For new clients, we accept 50% advance and rest within 1 week of submission. For clients working with us on regular basis, we operate with 30 days net payment cycle.

We accept payment by PayPal, Payoneer and Bank wire transfer.

From a business perspective, Localization & Globalisation of business fits well with translation. Depending upon the business model, industry & market; you can avail of any other services to boost your business.

You can inform the project manager assigned to stop/cancel the project anytime. However, we will bill for the completed part of the project.

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