Best Translation Service in Mumbai That Won’t Hurt Your Pocket!

The world is a large market place! It can potentially provide an array of opportunities for your business to bloom. Breaking off the geological barriers can yield astonishing results.

But does language barrier cause you to take a back foot?

Let not your business messages fall to deaf ears and miss a profitable opportunity!


Today English is the language of the internet. It is majorly used to communicate & converse with different people over the virtual medium. English is the official economical language for many countries. But that’s not the case for many other countries. Even the technologically and economically leading countries like Japan prefer their native language.

If expanding your customer base to such countries interests you, then considering language translation services can prove supremely beneficial for you to do so.

Outsourcing translation services can seem overwhelming as it can lead to a hefty expense.

With Parikh Info solutions get any kind of document translated without digging a hole in your pocket.

Overcome the lingual barrier with Parikh Info Solutions!

We at Parikh Info Solutions aim to help your business reach a wider audience by breaking the geological boundaries. We are here to assist you to communicate your business message and the array of services you provide, in a much effective way i.e., in the language preferred by your customers.

With multiple translation services being offered by hundreds of agencies across Mumbai, how to know the one you are choosing is the best?

We believe the best translation services, in a nutshell, consists of these three major elements-

  • Cost-Efficient Services
  • Translation Of Both Indian & Foreign Languages
  • A Decent Turn Around Time To Finish The Project

And the good news is, we possess all of these!

You bring any document to us in any format; we will make sure to return it to you in a more polished form and precisely the way you have imagined it to be!

Starting from short-form content to long-form content, be it any document- legal, marketing, contracts, etc., we guarantee we are a one-stop solution for all of it.

Parikh Info Solutions is a lucrative and one of the most dependable platforms that provide

Why Choose Us?

Translation Services. We know translation services allow the possibility to communicate

your content at a global level covering diverse groups. And thus, it becomes essential to

search for a linguist who can do justice to the craft you wish to translate.

We  pay due consideration towards the tonality of the content you may have in mind in order to retain the essence of your content alive even when it gets translated to various other languages.

Key Highlights:-

– Multiple Languages Covered, i.e., Both Indian And Foreign

– Native Experts Who Will Not Make Your Content Sound Robotic

– Computer-Aided Translation (CAT) Tool Support For Premium Quality Of Output

– Streamlined Work Process In order To Ensure Error-Free Documents With 100% Accuracy

– Easy Project Consultation Services For Us To Understand Your Requirements Better

– Affordable Services So That You Don’t Forget Us!

How We Will Make Your Document Stand Out?

At Parikh Info Solutions; we follow a 7 step authentication process, which will be as follows:-

  • We Will First Understand Your Requirements: Every doubt, concern, and budget constraints to arrive at a nodal point.
  • Analysis And Preparation Of The Source File: After analysing your document, we will share a price quote.
  • Allocation Of Resources: Your project will be finally assigned to a linguist for translation.
  • Translation: The real work begins here! The tone, style, grammar, meaning, cultural nuances and more; everything will be thoroughly check.
  • Quality Check And Assurance: Proofreading and Editing By Experts
  • Final Delivery Of The Project: The final document will be sent to you for feedback or any further suggestions.
  • Post-Delivery Services: Any changes you wish to make will be done right away to avoid any delays.

Why Rely On The Services Of A Translation Agency?

There are undoubtedly a lot of automated machine translation software or applications available which do a decent job. And because they are considered cost-effective, people usually prefer going with these applications to save extra bucks, which they may have to incur out of pocket if they avail of services from a translation agency.

However, there exists a massive gap in terms of readability and clear understanding. And this gap, only a human translator would be able to catch and rectify.

An automated translator may be undoubtedly error-free and absolutely grammatically sound, but what is the point of translation if the readers cannot connect the content’s dots?

The main benefit of running your content through a human eye is that the translator can precisely translate the document by retaining its exact tonality, essence and emotion instead of literal translation, which an automated software does. It improves the readability and also delivers the exact message which the writer intends to put across.

Freelance Translators or a Well Versed Team Who Would Do The Job Best?

Obviously, experience does matter when you look for freelancers who can cater to your translation needs. However, there can be a plenty of questions arising like “Is the person a native speaker of the language he/she is about to translate?’

 “Is the person specialized in the language you want the translation to be done?” OR

 “Does he/she possess extensive and in-depth knowledge about that language?

Although it isn’t the only criterion, it’s indeed an essential criterion to produce quality output. Also, if it’s not the case, you might want to consider if they have a relevant degree of taking up the language and have been studying it for a considerable time frame or not. It’s a must that they know and understand every minor and major detail about the language.

As there are many perspectives to the linguistic domain, the translator has to be extra careful about picking the right words, incorporating the exact sentiments and putting across a message that does not offend anybody’s pride and feelings.

While a well-versed team is responsible for carrying out targeted tasks, each team member is assigned a particular task. For e.g., one member would translate a particular document. At the same time, a different person would be assigned to proofread it. Translators may not be tech-savvy enough to convert documents from one format to another every now and then. So a technical expert can do this job for efficient results.

This enables the translated content to undergo multiple filters which result in a refined output.

At Parikh Info Solution we have a team of professional translators proving top notch translation services maintain quality and confidentiality of your data, while help you reach audiences even from the remote regions.

With translation services from Parikh Info Solution language is NO MORE A BARRIER.

Get your documents translated hassle freely!


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