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Let’s start with a little story, my grammar teacher narrated while explaining the importance of punctuations & grammar.

She stated, “A COMMA (,) CAN KILL A MAN.”

We all gazed in curiosity, and the story started.

Once there was a judge who had to pass a final verdict stating “KILL HIM NOT, LET HIM GO!” but a small punctuation mistake changed the entire verdict’s meaning.

Accidently, the judge wrote, “KILL HIM, NOT LET HIM GO!”& thus, an innocent man was hanged to death.

This is how a simple mistake can cost a life.

When it comes to legal matters, there is no room for mistakes. 

A single error can land you into huge trouble, trouble you’d never want to face!!!

It is quite well known that all legal, official, and evidentiary documents need to be drafted and submitted only in the official language(s) of a jurisdiction. Preparing your legal documents in a known language won’t be much of a worry, but creating your legal document in a different language can be a tricky proposition.

Oh, we just came across a word that is highly prone to be mistaken while translating.

The word proposition can be misheard or misinterpreted for preposition! Both have a vast difference in their meaning.

You need to make sure that your legal document’s translation is done with absolute zero error, and the precise meaning of the sentence is retained. 

Every country has a different procedure for translating documents of legal equivalence. Hence, it doesn’t imply that a translator well versed with all legalities in one country is also a sworn translator for some other country.

In such a case, legal documents translation services are always at your rescue and save you from all kinds of legal wrath.

You must now be wondering, what is the possible difference between an independent translator and a translation agency.

 Let me help you…

Independent translator
  • Well versed in only a set of languages.
  • Lack of knowledge of legal procedures of every country.
  • Legal Accuracy can be compromised.
  • Limitation in turnaround time.
Translation agency
  • Can break lingual and regional barriers.
  • Can provide the translation of a legal document done by native experts.
  • Accuracy is retained with expert legal translation.
  • Speedy turnaround time with countless translators.

Dealing with cross-border clients can be a risky affair. Anything less than precise can land you in a place of legal turmoil. To refrain from this, legal document translation services can be your greatest asset. But choosing a legal translation partner needs to be an informed decision. You need to look for their experiences, expertise, and efficacious translations.

If you are searching for a legal translation service provider with all of these and the one that’s is best in the industry. your search is over!

Presenting accurate translation services by Parikh Info Solutions Pvt Ltd.

We have been meeting the legal document translation need of around 275+ global and local clients from 25+ countries for more than 20 years and have left no stone unturned to provide world-class & accurate legal translations for our clients.

Being in the translation industry, we have come across various kinds of haphazard poor translation can cause. And refraining them is our topmost priority. 

We consider every intricate detail like legal tone, specific guidelines pertaining to a region or jurisdiction, punctuation, grammar, legal technicalities, etc., while translating your legal document.

Why Parikh Info Solution?

We are mindful of all legal technicalities and legal terms.

It is evident how critical legal terminologies and technicalities are. A mistranslated legal term can change the meaning of a legal clause, which can cause massive damage to your lawsuit or legal conditions. Hence, we pay greater attention to detail when it comes to translation a legal document.

Quality is our priority.

John Ruskin said, “Quality is never an accident. It is the result of intelligent efforts.”

At Parikh Info Solution, Quality is our most sought-after priority. Our team of legal translators work towards getting your document translated with precision so that you stay protected from any future feuds.

We are backed up with Native expert linguists.

Legal Translation Services isn’t everybody’s cup of tea. There is a long list of legal rules and procedures one needs to consider while translating a legal document. We have a team of diverse native linguist experts around the globe who are well versed in their respective languages and jurisdiction.

Quality Checks are done by Legal experts.

We believe, “Erring is a human nature, while Quality checks are a full proof solution.” We do not only rely on the translation done by our Native Lingual Experts, but we further go forward to get it checked by legal experts to ensure Top-notch Quality.

An experience that speaks for itself

We have successfully provided legal translation services for 275+ clients across the globe. Big insurance companies rely on our translation services. Volkswagen, Birla Sunlife Insurance, HDFC life, Lionbridge, to name a few, are the companies we provide legal translations.

Fast turnaround time

Time is money, and so we do not make you wait. We value your time and provide all the projects within a stipulated time frame, ensuring Quality.

Prices that you can consider as a valuable investment

If a simple comma can cost a man his life, we cannot even imagine what cost one will incur due to a simple mistake in a legal document. Isn’t it wise to invest in a quality translation service rather than bearing such a huge cost? Our pricing best suits your pocket as well as your legal needs. We make worth of every penny you spend. Opting for our legal translation services is the best investment you’d make.

100% Data Privacy

We understand your legal document need to be kept confidential. Hence, we have stringent policies to keep your data safe and undisclosed. Providing 100% quality assurance and 100% safety of your data is our main motto.

Streamlined Process

We deliver error-free and continuous translation services with our defined work process. It helps us provide results with the utmost accuracy to our clients and the best customer service experience. We believe in establishing long-term relationships with our clients. Thus, we keep our rates and the process transparent.

Friendly Customer support

We love hearing what you have to say and solve your problems. You may have doubts before starting the project, concerns during the process, and feedback after the delivery of the service. We provide the necessary help and endeavor to provide easy and outstanding customer service to our clients.

Keep errors in your translated legal document at the bay and save yourself from legal muddles with translation services from Parikh Info Solution Pvt Ltd.

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