How To Select The Best Translation Agency?

With the growing acceptance and importance of translation and localization, there are many more lsp language service provider available than ever before, making it very difficult which one to choose. When choosing your translation agency, you should be able to trust your translator to complete your project precisely, within a stipulated time, and in line with your needs. There are so many worries that come across your mind, like brand consistency, which may have large or small sensitive projects or particular expertise. It may feel very overwhelming with all the options available to choose the best translation agency that suits you and your company. Here’s a list of crucial tips for choosing the best translation agency.

Tips for choosing the best translation agency 

  • Ensuring that the translation agency can also do localization

For your translation agency to be successful, they need to understand the target market and should not only be able to translate but also localize content. If there is no localization, the translated material might not understand the message across the target market.

  • Ensuring the translation agency has a quality assurance process

You can’t trust anyone to manage your translations, which is why it is very important to choose top language service providers in the first place. On the other hand, a translation agency may give an option to use MT (Machine Translation), and of course, there is a possibility of machines making mistakes just like humans, especially when localizing the content.

  • You should be able to reach out to customer support 24×7 in any language 

Another vital sign of professionalism in a translation agency is to observe its customer service. If an agency is available to you at all hours, you can rely on them to handle any issues that may arise. Try connecting with the agency via email, phone, or chat and see how much time they take to revert and how content you are with their service.

  • A translation agency should have industry and subject matter experts 

Translators do have a lot of common knowledge of the world and a basic level of understanding of the language and the culture that they are translating for. A good translation company will have experts in specific fields like medical, finance, technical, or marketing. These experts make sure that your content has proper terminology for the target audience so that your content sounds professional as it did in the original language.

  • Translation agencies and translators should have proper certifications

While it may not seem so difficult but in reality, translation agencies are far from easy. It requires many skills, courses, and certificates to reach high levels. Not to forget a whole load of experience with translating different subjects. Many translation companies like Parikh Info have a team of certified experts in the languages and specializations they offer. They are ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 17100:2015 certified, which ensure that your data is secured and the agency will keep your information safe.

  • Check how fast the agency can complete your translation

Other than quality, the other most vital factor you must pay attention to is how fast your translation agency can finish your work. Whether it is a deadline that needs to be met or you simply don’t have the patience to wait for your translation, find a translation agency that does your job quickly and efficiently.


Now since we have gone through all the crucial points to keep in mind while choosing a translation agency, select an agency for which you can put a tick across all these points and meet your requirements.

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