The Ultimate guide to fill your videos with life

If given an option, what would you choose?

Reading or watching videos?

Watching videos, I’m sure if you are not an avid reader.

Did you know?

According to Forrester Research, employees are 75% more likely to watch a video than reading documents, emails, or web articles.



Be it an announcement, an intent to impart knowledge or entertainment, videos are the to-go source for any & everyone.

Creation and demand of videos are at its peak but creating a video that urges the audience to watch further can baffle you…

While you are the best with the content, infographics, videography etc., there is still a lot more you can do to make your videos stand out.

Let’s consider the example of you watching a recipe video.

You are tempted to relish a continental dish. You go to YouTube and browse its recipe. On finding a good recipe and you begin to note it down…

Since multitasking can be a mess, wouldn’t you be hassled to keep up with everything instructed in the video? 

Pausing video is an option but not a feasible one.

Wouldn’t it be easy if the screen had texts that helped you grasp better?

It is proven that humans are more likely to remember and grasp visual content than an audio one. This is the primary reason that videos are the most preferred medium today.

Adding subtitles is the best way to outreach this emotion of the audience…

A recent survey states that the youtube videos with subtitles had a longer watch time. Possibly this is because Subtitling allows a greater comprehension for the people who are

  • hearing impaired
  • non-native speakers
  • Slow learners
  • anyone else who may have difficulty watching videos with sound.  

Subtitles provide exemplary key benefit to the user. It puts the user in a space of comfort and familiarity with the video content. 

It is a win-win situation here, not only for the viewer but also for the video itself.

According to a recent WHO report, approximately 466 billion people in the world suffer from hearing impairments. Missing out on subtitles cause your video to be deprived of these potential audiences. 

Hence, adding subtitles to make your videos more accessible to more significant audiences and caters entertainment to them.

A study carried out by Verizon Media states that “69% of consumers prefer to watch videos without sound when in public, and 25% prefer to do so in private. 80% of these consumers prefer videos with subtitles.”

Massive, isn’t it?

If you aim your video to reach masses, adding subtitles videos is all you need to do.

Different people have different learning patterns. Some are slow learners, while some are fast-paced graspers; some prefer written content with some prefer visual content for better understanding. 

The study carried out by Verizon Media also acknowledges that video content consumers prefer videos with subtitles because it helps them understand it in a better manner.

Hence we can conclude that having subtitles in your videos will ensure that every viewer will receive the intended message, regardless of their learning pattern.

The world is home to many different languages. It is vital that you speak to your audiences in their preferred language. This makes the audience feel connected and adds a personal touch to your videos.

Translating your subtitles into your audience’s preferred languages enables you to break lingual and geographical barriers. 

If your audience has a range of lingual subtitles, your video has a global audience range.

When you make a video, what do you aim at?

  • Having a considerate amount of views from your target audience
  • Having your Video ranked on the search engine results.

I’d say it’s better to have the best of both worlds.

Google indexes subtitles on videos. Adding subtitles to your videos enables you to better rank the search engine results. Doing so can make a millennial difference to the people who navigate your website, engage with your video and connect with your brand.

It is estimated that by 2022, 82% of internet traffic will consist of video content only. Hence, speaking about your brand video graphically shall be a must-do proposition. While you do that, adding subtitles to videos and translating your subtitles in various languages can be a smart move.

Start adding subtitles to your videos today!

Not sure how to do it?

Do not be baffled; we are at your service.

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Add life to your videos and reach the masses.

PISPL TeamAuthor

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