5 ways how localization can help businesses grow drastically

The world has emerged as a global village recently, and buyers are not confined to any geographical limits. Trading and commerce are now part of the worldwide platform. And globalisation has opened many doors for businesses, nationally and internationally.  Customers and audiences from all over the world expect innovation, creativity, and various products and services. But to please the audience from around the world, the most critical aspect is familiarity. Why would someone buy from a business that isn’t local or domestic without adequate information?  

Some people look forward to buying from international brands as a sign of luxury and prestige, but the unavailability of sufficient information hinders the funnel here. When you think your business is ready to enter international markets, you may have to think about all top quality products, especially the content you provide as information.  

To overcome barriers and capture the market globally, Localization emerged drastically as a huge trend. With the increase in internet usage and users globally, demand for international brands witnessed a considerable surge. But what keeps people in a dilemma is the not-so-familiar feeling from non-local businesses. 

What is Localization? 

Localization of business involves a complete process where the profile and portal of the business are changed from one language to another local language, depending on the geographical region. It is simply not translating texts but adjusting and changing the language while preserving meaning and making it appealing for the local audience. It includes changes in content style, images, colours, formatting, designing, payment methods and sometimes, it may also include negligible changes in products. 

Keeping the changes in products aside, grooming of the face of business, i.e. website or app, is the top priority under localization of business. It helps the brand in many ways. There are several ways how localization helps businesses grow more, and to adapt localization is severely a necessity if the goal is to reach a global market. 

Here are 5 ways how localization can help businesses grow, 

  • Exposure to new markets

Localization is one of the most essential and popular tools that help the business reach their customers and audience with ease beyond geographical markets. Localization helps make a brand familiar just like any other local brand by making required changes in the business portals, websites, apps and all information channels. It gives people a choice and permits customers to choose between different available products. 

Localization takes care of every possible barrier that can cease a business from flourishing in different markets. Legal changes, cultural and social barriers, along with making changes based on tastes and preferences of the audience, localization works as bliss for businesses in different markets. 

  • Competitive edge

Having top-notch products at better rates than other brands works only if the website is localised. If the website is not appealing and convincing to the local audience, it will fail to connect with the audience. The only disadvantage is that local brands can quickly gain the trust of the audience. But with localization and local listings of the business in the targeted area makes the visibility of the brand clearer. Competiton from global competitors and traders can be nullified by working on effective localization of the business. Localization gives an edge over competitors and pushes the brand in the preferred lists of its audiences. Initially, it may feel like playing as an outside player. But with optimised localization, playing on the field becomes easy with other players and moguls. 

  • Brand loyalty 

Localization makes a brand familiar just like any other local brand by making required changes in the business portals, websites, apps and all information channels. 

Change of culture, the difference in language, laws and regulations play vital roles in deciding growth in international markets. Once the audience is familiar with the brand and successfully connects with the brand emotionally, it boosts brand loyalty. Sales don’t count if it cannot achieve brand loyalty. Hence, with localization of business, sales beyond geographical boundaries become possible, but it also helps gain brand loyal customers across the globe. 

  • Increase in sales and revenue

An increase in sales automatically reflects positively in the revenue. Localization of business makes it capable of competing with local businesses in the local region. Businesses often commit the mistake of entering marketing without proper research and localization. If you think English is the Franca lingua and are trying to penetrate the market only keeping English as the language of communication, think again. According to a study conducted in 2014, 75% of the users prefer purchasing goods and services only if the information is in their native language. Hence, to flourish in these markets, capture market, increase revenue and sales, Localization and local listing of business is essential. 

  • More brand recognition

Localization helps with brand awareness, brand loyalty and, at last, brand recognition. It makes a brand look like, global competitor. Localization allows the brand to enter as many markets as possible and capture market share. With customers across the globe and demand worldwide, localisation makes trade easier and better for businesses. Brands enjoy utmost customer satisfaction because of Localization and compete with local brands easily. Mouth publicity works better than any other mode of marketing. And when customers are satisfied with the products and services of your brand, customers find it a topic of discussion positively. With more customer satisfaction and brand loyalty, brand recognition comes along. It makes a brand recognised globally for its products and services. 

While on the way to making brands work in a mind-boggling manner, Localization is essential. But many things can go wrong. Mistakes in interpreting the content or understanding the culture can affect negatively. Hence, to keep these uncertainties away, it is better to seek professional help. We at parikh info solutions ltd are are experts in Localization and  Globalization for ages. We make the brand all set and ready to enter new markets and conquer them. If you are keen to enter new markets but don’t know-how, reach us out via mail or call us. 

Let’s talk business and make your business talk of the town globally!

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Shifa Vohra

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