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A massive shift in consumers’ tastes has led to companies adopting video localization practices to boost their brands. With video localization services, brands can reach their intended audiences regardless of cultural background.

91% of businesses already use video marketing as a promotional tool that lets people consume their content thoroughly. A robust localized video strategy allows businesses to engage with new markets.

What Is Video Localization?

Video localization is the process of adapting a video for a foreign market audience irrespective of their cultural background and language barriers. Most businesses use video dubbing services to translate the video to match the cultural dialect of the target audiences’ country or state.

It allows brands to associate with the emotional quotient of the natives from a particular market. You can associate with the customers through various types of localization services. There is no more language barrier left, and it helps brands engage a wider audience, build brand loyalty, and increase their market presence.

Top Benefits Of Video Localization For Your Brand

  • Helps With SEO and Brand Engagement: You can improve your SEO by using subtitles for videos alongside captions, as captions help consumers find you easily. 7 out of 10 marketers are optimizing their videos for SEO, generating 41% more traffic than the non-users. Videos enhance user engagement by connecting with the audiences at the emotional level.

  • Increased Accessibility: Video language translation services are helping users with hearing disabilities read and enjoy your content. A million viewers have hearing loss but can enjoy videos translated into their dialects.

  • Indexing of Videos: Google ranks videos localized as they operate in multiple languages. The videos with translated content are ranked higher when the users from a particular region type the business-related keywords.

  • Immersive Experience: Brands that want to boost their ROI can connect emotionally with the localization and translation services. It lets audiences from other countries associate with your brand emotionally and empathetically while providing an immersive and authoritative experience.

Best 5 Creative Practices Of Video Localization for Promoting Your Brand

1. Choose Wisely Between Subtitles and Voiceovers

The global language translation services market will reach a market revenue of $108.9 billion by 2032. The CAGR reported between the forecast period 2023 and 2032 is 4.7%. Most businesses look forward to localization online services to enhance their brand engagement. However, you can either dub your video, provide subtitles, or get a voiceover artist from the local region to convey their brand message. Brands also engage with local influencers to promote their products in regions, states, or countries.

Always go for voiceover or the dubbing artists if your budget stretches that far. Most brands starting up can opt for localized subtitles for better customer understanding. However, for localized subtitles, use the human video translator services.

2. Adapt to Cultural Sensitivities and Differences

With language localization services, you can adapt to the local culture of a particular state or country. Using localized language in your videos will connect your audience at the basic level, fostering reliability and helping you connect your brand with diverse cultures. You can use video translator services from reputed companies to engage your target audiences. For example, McDonald’s in India introduced chicken burgers instead of beef burgers, popular in Western nations, to foster brand credibility. This is to connect with local audiences in the country.

3. Partner with Local Influencers

To expand your business globally, you must partner with local influencers. They are well known among the target age groups which follow them.

Most beauty companies, like Nykaa in India, Loreal in Paris, etc., have partnered with local influencers to promote their brands in their respective regions. This is because these influencers are well-versed in their city or state’s local languages and dialects. They know and respect their followers’ cultural differences while promoting the brand’s products.

Moreover, the local influencer with great following works as the brand face for your product. Customers nowadays trust influencers to get insight into new products and services various brands introduce. The global influencer market will be $24 billion by 2024, with Instagram influencers’ market size crossed over $2 billion.

4. Optimize Videos Using a Digital Marketing Strategy

With localization services, you can reach out to the local market of a particular city, state, or country. How will you drive user engagement? This question matters the most. For this, you need a solid digital marketing strategy.

You have to curate engagement models for websites and mobile devices. A dedicated local SEO and social media management service will help you reach your target audience quickly. A personalized digital marketing strategy will give your business an ROI-driven tone. You can shift your focus to connecting with customers from new regions more.

5. Create Content with an International Appeal

If you have decided to go global with your brand, create content that appeals to international audiences. Study the respective markets to acknowledge which audiences prefer subtitles, voiceover, or dubbing. It will enhance your brand’s market appeal. When entering new markets, always experiment with your products and services.

However, stick to ethical marketing strategies while creating the videos so that the users take your brand’s message positively and enhance your brand’s engagement.

Get Global with Video Localization Services from Professionals!

Video localization services help the brand to design visually appealing content without the constraint of reaching out to a larger audience internationally. Professional agencies like Parikh Info Solutions help businesses break all the language barriers and grow globally. They help build your brand’s credibility with their localization services.

We have a team of recognized and certified individuals who use modern tools to make the video localization process fast and flexible. Only a humanized approach is used to make your brand campaign appeal to various audiences. Rest assured; our motto is to provide 100% guaranteed satisfaction while delivering your projects.

Contact us today to learn how we can take your campaign to the next level!

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