6 reasons how transcription can expand your business

Gone are the days when secretaries joined the meetings to take notes, make highlights and focus on finishing the tasks without missing any critical information. The most challenging task was to transcribe the communications held and come up with the exact reference that can be used as notes for meetings. Though it was a tedious process, secretaries had to do this task anyway. To ease the job and increase the level of accuracy, companies started looking for transcription services. 

      Information transcribed accurately is mandatory. It is essential for the smooth functioning of business alongside making the understanding minutes of meetings easy for everyone. Transcription generally includes generating transcripts in text format for audio-video recordings of business meetings, conferences, presentations, or other interactions, be it for today or tomorrow. Nowadays, transcriptions are widely accepted forms of communication to interpret website content, interviews or product descriptions. 

       Audio-video is gradually becoming the fundamentals of the marketing mix. Visual marketing overtook the market and is now an essential form of marketing that lures the audience in its pleasing way. Using transcription for your audio video allows your prospects to engage in their preferred formats. It gives them options whether to watch, read, or hear from the given source of information. 

      To increase the value of your business for your prospects and to amplify your organisation, 

Here are 6 reasons how transcriptions can help you grow your business, 

  • Enhances SEO

Having text forms of the audio-video or other multimedia compositions of essential aspects on your business website or portal can boost SEO. If you have podcasts or videos only on your business website page, it may not get read by google easily with minimal or negligible content. The ranking gets complicated, and your business is out of visibility. Having transcription for all the formats help google crawl in the data and figure out answers for readers and match their search intent.  

  • Makes content inclusive for all

People with hearing impairments rely on reading. When transcripts are used for content with audio and videos, it becomes available for everyone. It ensures that people unable to hear can engage via reading the content. Apart from that, it will also send a message socially stating- inclusive of all. Making it available for everyone adds value to your brand image. It shows your prospects the effort you make to provide information for everyone who seeks it. 

  • Great reference to A/V content 

The reference becomes easy when multimedia formats have transcription. If you have videos or podcasts on your site and want your prospects to enjoy the information, transcripts increase chances. Transcription gives a roadmap to the search intent of prospects and leads them directly to the source. Transcripts are more reasonable and valuable as a person would instead read than play audio-video several times for detailed information. 

  • Keeps data organised

When you are keen on transcription for your important meetings, recordings or documents, you save yourself a backup. Transcriptions protect you from uncertainties like theft or breach of private information. It keeps a data backup, irrespective of the situation and its urgency. Transcription is also favourable when you want all the data structured and organised. Details of a meeting or presentation or interview or a group discussion, transcription of the audio-video gives a chance to gather information and data from a past event. It provides the opportunity to keep all the critical data safe, even when the original is discarded. 

  • Allows variety of content  

Transcription gives your prospects options to choose from their preferred source and way of information. It is fascinating how multimedia can lure every individual differently. Where videos are used for more personalised appeal, audio can have an impact. Including transcription can increase options, and prospects can even read through the information, which is the most preferred way to absorb information. It becomes easy to share transcripts than sharing their multimedia wherein people are not interested in spending much time listening or watching the complete media. 

  • Exposure to other media links 

Transcription helps in giving links to other sources on your online business platforms. It becomes easy to inter-link or even easier to provide a follow link for an external site with texts. Transcriptions give a chance to perform cross-promotion, making more content available for your prospects. Having links via transcription also helps in keeping the prospects engaged for a more extended period. If the content across platforms is exciting and valuable enough to convince the audience, it may increase conversion. 

When looking forward to hiring professional transcription services, you need to be very specific. This one service can actually help you increase your revenue and boost your conversion rate. We at parikh info solutions ltd. are a team of experienced individuals that can actually help you with transcriptions for your business across platforms. Opening more doors of opportunity and having transcription services for your business will make it easier for you. 
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