6 Ways Whiteboard Video Creation Can Boost Your Business


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With brand campaigns changing massively, the animated whiteboard video creation is becoming a great promotional tool. Whiteboard explainer videos improve audience retention customer outreach, and increase sales. Creating whiteboard videos is easy and cost-effective as you don’t require a model to explain your campaign. You can launch them under less turnaround time to promote your products/services.

What is a Whiteboard Animation Video?

A whiteboard animation video visually combines all your complex concepts into a single video to communicate things more easily to a large audience. This video format displays static images with a touch of animation to make them visually appealing to the audience.

Nearly 87% of marketers use video as their primary marketing tool. It makes the brand marketing simple, effective, and affordable. Even startups can afford the whiteboard animation explainer video services. They are a fun and innovative way to market your services without fluff. The storytelling technique used in these explainer videos conveys the message loud and clear.

Top 6 Ways Whiteboard Explainer Videos Prove Best For Brand Promotion

1. Eye-Catchy and Visually Appealing Brand Awareness

A whiteboard explainer video is dynamic, encourages live action, and consists of brand consistency. These videos mix moving objects and text videos customized to the client’s business. The background sound effects engage the viewers from beginning to end. These minimalistic and eye-catching videos convey your business message competently and creatively. Moreover, these animated videos’ visually appealing factor glues the viewers to the screen and tempts them to press the ‘share’ button. This broadly conveys the brand’s message.

2. Best Marketing Campaign

Video marketing is increasingly becoming the best way to convey your brand’s story to viewers. You can add creative effects to these videos with engaging jingles and moving figures, creating a compelling brand story. Almost 44% of marketers use short-form videos to engage with their target audiences. Video marketing helps increase a business’s ROI and continues growing businesses.

3. Produces Easy and Highly Engaged Content

A whiteboard video is highly engaging, compelling, and effective in conveying your viewers more thoughts in less time. Most videos with influencers or models can be time-consuming and costly because you need to be dependent on the model’s timing. After that, editing and implementing other filters takes a lot of time.

In short, these short-form animated videos with custom characters are best for producing highly engaging visuals with easy-to-read content. You can take the help of professionals and quickly create these videos to launch on your website or social media platforms in less turnaround time.

4. Not Dependent On Sound Effects to Convey Brand’s Message

Over 50% of viewers search for captions on videos, and 92% of people watch videos silently. Making captioned videos without audio or music is a brilliant idea. Therefore, for animation video creation, you must hire professionals who can create compelling messages with sound off, too. This does not mean that you must not use the sound effects. An explanatory text message with dynamic visuals will spread across your brand’s message whether your viewers listen with sound on or off.

5. Increased Traffic Conversion

Businesses are witnessing increased traffic by creating compelling video messages through animated videos. The concise and dynamic videos that are 2 minutes long mostly gain viewers’ attention. They are mostly shared and sharply deliver the brand’s message. These videos reduce your website’s bounce rate as users spend more time on your website. These whiteboard-animated videos attract organic traffic, as you can create professional videos using the services of a professionally experienced whiteboard video company.

6. Humorous Touch to Marketing and Growth Strategy

Along with building trust and credibility for your brand, whiteboard animation videos make your website more fun to watch. Visitors love to visit the website, which makes their time spent on the website full of fun and excitement. These dynamic explainer videos are the best online content marketing strategy to state your brand’s message convincingly and effectively.

The customers love no more fluff and on-point brand messages. It will add an element of humor as the animations will make your viewers have a hearty laugh. Moreover, the more audiences your website will reach, the more engagement, growth, and ROI you can expect.

Quick Tips to Design Whiteboard Animation Videos for Businesses

More than 90% of people spend most of their time searching for relevant products and services online. An intuitive, engaging whiteboard explainer video will strengthen your strong marketing strategy. Here’s how you can design this type of video:

  • Simple animations without cluttered graphics will attract more customers and help convey your business’s message uniquely.
  • Make an empathetic and clear video relatable to clients and aims to help them in the long run.
  • Use clear and concise language in your explainer videos to make them look pleasant to the audience. The more the content is understandable and shareable, the more brand positioning the businesses will experience.
  • Most whiteboard videos are black and white, but you must add color to your explainer videos. It will attract your immediate audiences and bring the reader’s attention to your brand’s message.
By keeping all these tips in mind, you can create on-point videos with good outreach and capture the average audience’s attention. You can deliver impactful narratives to a vast audience within two minutes.

Hire a Reliable Whiteboard Video Creator for Your Brand!

The whiteboard video creation helps brands broadcast their message online to millions of audiences within a minute. Whether viewers listen to the message with sound on or off, they will still get the essence of your marketing campaign.

To get the best whiteboard explainer video, contact the experts at Parikh Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd. We have a team of experienced video creators and animators who will create flexible brand campaigns to transform your business growth online.

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