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As we all agree Youtube is the second largest search engine next to Google. According to reports, more than 1.9 million users use youtube on a daily basis, within a month means there is truly something to offer for everyone. Due to the rising demand for online video streaming, there lies a great opportunity for marketers, brands, video creators, and publishers to invest in Youtube.
Search engines like YouTube and Google have similar principles when it comes to algorithms for their websites or videos.

Using SEO (search engine optimisation) wisely can be an effective way for increasing reach and encouraging organic engagement. Youtube SEO is a process of optimizing your videos and channelizing them for ranking higher in YouTube’s search results. You can easily maximize your reach, provided there is correct use of Youtube text components i.e. the right titles, keywords, descriptions, meta description, captions, etc. as they play a very important role in youtube’s SEO strategy. In this blog, we will guide you in detail to do exactly the same. Keep reading!

First things first - How does Youtube Algorithm work?

According to Youtube – “We track what viewers watch, how long they watch, what they skip over, and more. This helps us determine what kind of videos they like best and what we can recommend to the next.”

That said, Youtube SEO reads your meta description (the summarized description below your video) as it concludes the content in the video, categories if mentioned, and understands the potential viewers. It further recommends to the potential target audience. In addition to that, when you start describing your video for YouTube SEO, please note that there is a use of specific, precise words and language that people usually use whilst they search on Youtube. This is why the right SEO strategy becomes immensely important for Youtube.
How To Boost For YouTube

7 Elements of YouTube Seo with Benefits for Maximum Engagement

1. Right keywords

When a person searches for anything, the engine catches the words. The use of the right keywords can be a beneficial way to increase organic reach. This means you must identify and target a specific keyword range with related terms and mention them. As these words can act as a great source in finding the right audience and also improvises engagement of the video.

2. Multiple keyword phrases

For an effective SEO strategy, dig more into video topics that people are searching/looking for. This not only includes the right keywords but also digging into other related terms, for identifying the niche of your video. Wherein, it becomes easy to find a unique angle which resonates the best with your target audience. Another powerful way is to conduct keyword research via Google’s Keyword Planner tool to brainstorm ideas and figure out what your viewers are looking for and provide them with relevant content.

3. Placing the keywords

After finding the right keywords, it becomes equally essential to use them in the right place in order to get effective Youtube SEO results as well as more traffic on the video. The creation of a certain pattern is observed in the search engine while searching for a particular term. Thus, it is advised to identify and follow the pattern that your target audience searches frequently. This in return acts as one of the perks for better search engine rankings. Placing them correctly is the key to increasing organic engagement.

4. Captivating Titles

Titles are the first thing one reads while searching for a video or even while scrolling through Youtube. In addition to that, there is a need to have precise and synchronized titles with the right keywords. To increase the video’s search engine visibility, use captivating titles. It is nothing but a way of signaling YouTube about the theme and content of the video for improving search rankings.

5. Multilingual Subtitles

Due to the constant expansion and global reach, subtitles are essential for reaching viewers in their native language. In spite of language barriers, one can easily understand the content of the video because of the subtitles. Similarly, it becomes smooth for the creator as well to add subtitles, that are understood by a large number of viewers. Multilingual subtitles maximize the reach of video to a broader range of audiences. Subtitling in multiple languages enhances the overall viewing experience of the viewers; stimulating better SEO results.

6. Engaging Description

Optimised youtube description aids in recommending the video to users who will likely enjoy the content. An explanatory & engaging description helps the video rank more extensively. The description should precisely focus on long-tail captions that add value to the video’s key points and theme. A good description provides all the additional information about the topic with correct keywords and thus boosts engagement. Placing a call to action link in the description also works wonders for improving reach.

7. Clear Captions

Captions have now become the need of the hour for every youtube video. Chances of engagement increase and video boosts when one uses captions and keywords. As per a survey from Verizon Media, it is found that 80% of people are more likely to watch a video only when captions are available. The captions should be simple to understand, clear to read and relevant to the content in the video. Youtube SEO also lets you incorporate effective keywords and phrases that the youtube algorithm can pick up seamlessly. By using captions it can be easy for the creator to get more traffic on YouTube videos.

Final Thoughts

With the help of Youtube algorithms and SEO, it can be more manageable to improve the performance of videos. By means of using the above-laid techniques correctly and invariably you can maximize the video reach. Lastly, please note the crux of the whole process is – Youtube SEO is not the only path to achieve growth or success but a way to help you increase your reach faster. To get more efficient and rewarding results, it is advised to look for professional video subtitling and caption service providers and increase reach with better SEO plans and strategies.

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