An Ultimate Guide to Increase Reach and Boost Sales with Explainer Videos.


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→ What is an Explainer Video? Is it a modern form of communication?

→  How to Build Effective Explainer Videos?

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As we know social media, the most effective medium of communication is constantly evolving with new features being added every day. With the introduction of short videos like Instagram reels, Youtube shorts, etc., the way we perceive content has transformed phenomenally. From longer-duration to short-span videos, the consumption of video content is seemingly rising and will continue to grow further. 

With such growing interest to watch video content, brands and businesses are using video as a marketing tool to increase their reach and visibility. The private sector as well as government organizations are investing in professional video creation like animation videos, whiteboard animation videos or marketing videos for advertising purposes. According to a Wyzowl survey, 96% of people prefer to watch an explainer video to learn about new products and services before purchasing anything. And these videos are the most popular video type used by businesses.

With such an array of content availability, it is challenging for businesses to stand out. In order to survive in this cutthroat competition and to maximise reach, it becomes quintessential for businesses to create engaging videos. Creating video ads can not only increase viewership, and build deeper connections with the audience but also the use of video graphics effectively wonders for any business. 

In this blog let us explore more about how explainer videos can be a great tool for businesses to increase reach and boost their revenue.

What is an Explainer Video? Is it a modern form of communication?

An explainer video usually comprises thorough information about a business product or any relevant topic. For example, if the explainer video is about a product then it contains answers to questions like – “how to use it”. “How does the product work”, etc. This type of video is used to explain a product or topic in detail and in a very eye-catching manner. The ideal video consists of creative graphic visuals and an immaculate voice-over with compelling storytelling. Besides, these videos not only generate more brand awareness but also gets aligned messaging that’ll aid conversions to the business.

How to Build Effective Explainer Videos?

Before starting with the creation of a video, please note that the first 10 seconds are very important for capturing and retaining the viewer’s attention. The average duration of the video should be 3 – 5 minutes considering the limited attention span of the audience. In order to grab the attention of viewers, animation, graphics and visuals should be of high quality. Besides, a clear and convincing title also plays a major role.

Furthermore, emphasise elaborating various features or facts about the product/topic. The presentation should be in a way that maintains the viewer’s attention throughout the video. Plus, there is a need to make sure that topics are simplified so that viewers understand what makes them different from the rest of the crowd.

In short, an ideal explainer video is

  • Concise
  • Easy to understand and remember
  • Engaging
  • High audio-visual quality
  • Tailored to target audience
  • Brand appropriate

How Explainer Video is Created?

1. Research

First and foremost comes research. Research ensures that the facts and information included in the video are reliable. Meticulous research provides a sense of trust and clarity which makes it easier to convince the viewers. It can help with understanding what are the interests of the audience, and what they prefer. Find out the problems/issues related to the topic, and come up with feasible solutions. Prompt research also helps to choose the topic and content wisely.

2. Script

The next and most important step is script writing. It is crucial to create a script that resonates with the target audience and is easy to understand. The content of the script should be presented in detail and clearly, considering the needs of the targeted audience. Give requisite emphasis to Keywords and certain phases which can catch attention quickly. In a nutshell, a good script can even make complex topics understandable.

Video Script

3. Voice-over

Once the script is ready, voice-over comes into the picture. The voice-over or the audio should be accurate with regard to the time and duration of the video. It should correspond to the video’s tone and content. The right style, language, dialect and accent assures to appeal to the target audience. Professional voice-over artists can ensure that the brand’s message is conveyed effectively with the right style, language, dialect and accent.

4. Video creation / Animation

Lastly comes the actual creation of the video. An animated explainer video relies on its engaging visual graphics and concise message that grabs most of the audience’s attention. Professional video creation service providers use 2D motion graphics, whiteboard, kinetic typography and stop-motion animation styles of the highest quality. They ensure to add moving graphic imagery, music, and typography according to the theme of the video to make it more appealing.

Final thoughts

Many businesses are today struggling to convert their potential leads into customers due to unawareness of the efficacious use of explainer videos. Explainer videos have nowadays become the need of the hour regardless of what kind of business you have. It’s therefore important to make it work best for your business. Now that you know everything about explainer videos, you can start communicating with your target audience more conveniently. Keep in mind to choose and create a video that suits your needs and budget. Video is versatile in nature and thus can be used to convert potential leads into a customer base easily.

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