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Well, we all know Korean dramas are taking over the world. The popularity and demand for K-dramas in today’s world is skyrocketing. Korean TV show enthusiasts are always excited to watch the awe-some, romantic, comedy gripping drama. In recent years there is a remarkable upsurge seen for K-pop, Korean dramas and series to Korean songs. Creating a wave of entertainment, Kdrama has taken the world by storm. Korean drama’s audience always gets to experience an array of captivating genres ranging from heart-melting romances and gripping thrillers to exhilarating science fiction. With the combination of such interesting plots, intriguing storylines and unforgettable characters, Korean dramas have left an effective benchmark in the entertainment industry.
Here’s a curated list of Top 10 must-watch Korean dramas of 2023.

1. Divorce Attorney Shin

This drama follows the journey of Shin Sung-Han (played by Cho), a music professor at a German university and an expert divorce lawyer in South Korea. He handles peculiar clients and strives to bring them justice. Shin Sung-Han is not a typical lawyer; he was once a prodigy pianist and music professor in Germany. However, he switched professions to find a way to protect his nephew from his cruel stepmother. The show’s main appeal lies in the charm of its middle-aged male leads and its focus on family dynamics. It cleverly portrays Shin’s reasons for returning to Korea and his intentions, making it an intriguing watch. While the title suggests a focus on divorce, Divorce Attorney Shin is more about individuals facing hardships and overcoming them. The drama balances lighthearted and heartfelt moments, offering emotional highs and humorous scenes throughout. However, the narrative occasionally falls short of fully committing to its heartfelt approach, often opting for easy resolutions over consistent storytelling.

2. The Glory - Part 2

The Glory Part 2 is a series that will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish! Starring the charming and beloved actors Song Hye-Kyo, Lee Do-hyun, and Lim Ji-yeon. Undoubtedly, the first part of the drama “The Glory” made a significant impact on the audience. However, the intense cycle of revenge and redemption reaches a cathartic conclusion in this year’s Part 2. The storyline of the second part primarily focuses on a woman who endured traumatic bullying in high school and rigorously plans a complex revenge scheme. Additionally, the drama also addresses themes of mental health. One of the standout aspects of this drama is its exceptionally talented and remarkable cast. Song Hye-kyo delivers a stellar performance as the successful protagonist, leaving no doubt that the villains will be outmatched. The climax we have eagerly anticipated from the beginning of the show is immensely satisfying, making the wait more than worthwhile.

3. Crash Course in Romance

Next on our list is “Crash Course in Romance,” directed by Yoo Jae-Won and starring Jeon Do-yeon and Jung Kyung-ho. This romantic comedy-drama follows the familiar K-drama fashion, where the initial conflict between the romantic leads eventually blossoms into a tender romance. However, what sets this show apart is its exploration of compelling social themes that reflect South Korea’s highly competitive society. In this heartwarming rom-com with an education-themed backdrop, esteemed Korean actress Jeon Do-yeon portrays a former handball player striving to provide for her teenage niece. Their lives collide with Jung Kyung-ho’s character, a star academy instructor known for his role in “Hospital Playlist.” Additionally, the story revolves around Nam Haeng-Sun, a former national-level athlete who also runs a side-dish store. On the other hand, we have Choi Chi-yeol, a popular instructor in the education field, who presents a complete contrast to Nam Haeng-Sun’s character. Despite their many differences, the drama showcases how these two characters eventually come together with core climax and love.

4. Extraordinary Attorney Woo

Woo Young Woo is a 27-year-old lady who has been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder and has always achieved outstanding academic success. Graduating at the top of her class from the prominent Seoul National University for both college and law school, she owes her achievements to her remarkable IQ of 164, impressive memory, and creative thinking. As a lawyer, she faces legal cases often involving delicate legal issues and challenging ethical questions. Attorney Woo approaches these cases in a unique manner, constantly finding unexpected resolutions. While she struggles with social interactions, her journey also instills confidence in her ability to navigate through them without compromising her autism. She not only portrays a character grappling with emotions but also effectively elicits those emotions from the audience. Her performance is truly remarkable and immensely believable. Running parallel to the main storyline, the series also explores the rivalry between two prominent law firms led by female attorneys and incorporates Young-woo’s parents into the narrative.

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5. Unlocked

The Korean drama “Unlocked,” directed by Kim Tae-Joon, features Chun Woo-hee, Im Si-wan, and Kim Hee-won in leading roles. The South Korean film tells the story of Na-mi , who loses her smartphone while on her way home from work. Jun-yeong discovers Na-mi’s phone and returns it to her, but not without surreptitiously installing spyware. With the help of the installed app, Jun-Yeong meticulously tracks Na-mi’s daily life, learning everything about her that includes her hobbies, location, preferences, work, finances, and social network. Concealing his true identity, Jun-yeong approaches Na-mi as a cybersecurity worker. Na-mi, relieved to have found her phone, remains unaware of the impending turmoil that awaits her as her ordinary life rapidly unravels. The gripping thriller unfolds how an ordinary woman’s entire life is hacked and endangered after losing her phone, which contains all her personal information. Meanwhile, police detective Ji-man (Kim Hie-won) discovers traces of his son Jun-Yeong at a murder crime scene and secretly investigates him, suspecting the worst.

6. Queenmaker

“Queenmaker” a Netflix original series (2023) gained immense popularity as the most-watched non-English TV show. Starring Kim Hee-ae as the central character, “Queenmaker,” the series revolves around a disillusioned corporate fixer seeking revenge against her former power-hungry employers. Her unexpected role as the campaign manager for the opposing candidate in the Seoul mayoral race forms the core of the story. For the past decade, she has been the reliable “Go-To Lady” for Eunsung, efficiently concealing their scandals and faithfully serving the family. Starting from a humble position, she has now earned Ms Son’s trust and respect. Eventually, she aligns herself with Moon So-ri’s character, a human rights activist and an unlikely candidate for Seoul mayor. The series captivates viewers by depicting the impact of politics and money on individuals’ lives, offering thrilling portrayals of wily electoral strategies and intense ideological clashes. Hwang Do-hee serves the role of the General Manager of Corporate Strategy at Eunsung Group, a formidable business conglomerate. The drama concludes with a gripping climax, leaving the audience with an exaggerated climax and an intense thriller-like experience.

7. Soulmates

“Soulmates” is a Korean movie directed by Min Yong-Geun, featuring Kim Da-mi and Jeon So-nee in the lead roles. The story revolves around two childhood friends, the outgoing Mi-so and the introverted Ha-eun, who form a deep bond after meeting in Jeju. Despite their contrasting personalities, with Mi-so being free-spirited and Ha-eun reserved, they remain close throughout their teenage years. Byun Woo Seok portrays a man who becomes entangled in their life. The movie showcases soft pastel hues and balanced visuals, creating a delightful and visually pleasing viewing experience. As the story progresses, we are transported to Mi-so’s life as a successful businesswoman and single mother in Seoul. She is approached by an art gallery seeking to contact the artist behind a sketch of her as a teenager, which leads her to discover Ha-eun’s old blog. This discovery forces her to revisit their complex and tumultuous friendship. The cinematography of “Soulmates” enhances the film’s narrative, seamlessly weaving together the past and present.

8. Heartbeat

The latest aired series “Heartbeat” is a fantasy drama about a vampire who longs to become human. This show represents the recent trend of vampire movies and series governing the entertainment industry. The ongoing series releases its latest episodes every Monday and Tuesday. Protagonist, Sun Woo-Hyeol, is a unique character who is half-human and half-vampire. He fosters a deep desire to become a complete human, but unfortunately, he misses his opportunity. Despite setbacks, he remains determined to achieve his goal. Fate intertwines Sun Woo-Hyeol’s life with Joo In-Hae, a contract nurse-teacher who also manages to run a guest house. Due to her difficult financial background, she has taken on numerous part-time jobs that led others to perceive her as a cold-hearted person. Circumstances bring them closer under one roof, and as they live together, their relationship blossoms romantically. This series promises to be an alluring drama that takes viewers on an emotional rollercoaster. The burning question remains: will Sun Woo-Hyeol and Joo In-Hae find love and learn to care for each other?

9. The Good Bad Mother

Korean television series “The Good Bad Mother” features Ra Mi-ran, Lee Do-hyun, and Ahn Eun-jin in starring roles. The story revolves around a journey of a mother and son trying to reconcile after a devastating accident. Young Soon, a single mother who runs a pig farm, raised her son Kang Ho on her own. Despite her love for him, Young Soon’s strict parenting style led Kang Ho to perceive her as a bad mother. She intentionally portrayed herself as a bad mother and imposed strict rules on Kang Ho to prevent him from becoming like her. Consequently, as an adult, Kang Ho became a cold-hearted prosecutor, distancing himself from his mother while pursuing his career. However, an unexpected accident transforms him into a childlike state and compels him to return to his hometown. He decides to move back and embark on a new life with his “bad” mother, Young Soon. Meanwhile, Kang Ho’s childhood friend, Mi Joo, known for her warm heart and a strong sense of justice, also regained contact with him post his accident, which results in an unforgettable encounter for her as well. The series combines courtroom drama, melodrama, and surprising action sequences, all interwoven with moments of absurd humor.

10. King the Land

“King the Land” is an ongoing series that has engrossed viewers, starring Lee Jun-ho and Im Yoon-ah. It premiered on JTBC on June 17, 2023, and airs every Saturday and Sunday. It dives into the story of Gu Won, a son from a chaebol family who owns and operates the King Group. Despite being a smart and elegant young man, Gu Won struggles with dating. On the other hand, Cheon Sa-Rang is a young woman with a cheerful personality and a contagious smile. She starts working at the King Hotel, a place that holds cherished memories from her childhood. As she faces various challenges while working there, she undergoes personal growth. Eventually, Gu Won and Cheon Sa-Rang cross paths and their relationship takes a romantic turn. The show consists of a total of 16 episodes, with 10 episodes already released, leaving the audience exhilarated and fully immersed in this thrilling experience. Fans eagerly await the upcoming episodes, curiously anticipating what will unfold between these two uniquely different characters.

Final Thoughts

It is remarkable how K-drama in India has come a long way. With the increasing accessibility of Korean content and the growing fan community, the future of Korean dramas and series in India looks bright. Whether you are a long-time K-drama enthusiast or just starting your journey, there is always a show waiting for you to discover, relate and enjoy. You can also binge watch them and relax yourself. Most of the popular Korean series and movies are available on Netflix, Amazon Prime and also on Disney Plus Hotstar. Our list includes various genres such as thriller, romance, suspense, and fantasy. So, you can pick any of them based on your preferences and enjoy. HAPPY K-WATCHING!
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