Top Benefits Of Outsourcing Transcription Services

From financial institutions and television companies to market research organizations, legal firms, and universities, a wide array of institutions need transcription services. Businesses are beginning to appreciate situations where audio to text transcriptions prove useful.

Traditionally, transcription from audio to text is mostly conducted in-house in a manual mode. But manual transcription requires employees to have specialized skills for this mundane and time-consuming task. But the good news is that outsourcing transcription to companies that have the technology for automated transcription is proving to be very useful.

Following are some of the main benefits of outsourcing transcriptions services instead of doing this in-house:

Save resources and money

One major benefit of outsourcing is that it saves on costs. Paying for the service may seem expensive, but when it comes to hiring an in-house transcriptionist, paying him salaries and benefits etc. prove to be more expensive overall. Additionally, there is a need to arrange office furniture, gadgets, computers, and space for such employees. Resources must be devoted to training employees also. Thus, when the best transcription services are outsourced, you can save on such expenses.


The quantum and nature of content to be transcribed varies with time. Transcription services are not needed by your business every day. Therefore, it is wise to outsource transcription work to transcription companies who are flexible in arranging for services, as and when needed.

A professional who has been outsourced for transcription work can effectively deal with periods of surge and decline in work. As opposed to an in-house team of transcriptionists, there is no need to hire or fire based on the volume of work.

Enhanced efficiency

Transcription is quite a time-consuming, tiring, and tough task. This is especially true for untrained individuals. Hence, spending hours on end on a transcription project can impact its accuracy and efficiency. 

Also, it is difficult to get high-quality transcription work if you have assigned the work to employees already laden with other responsibilities. So, it is good to outsource the work to professional transcriptions who typically have AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology to complete the work accurately and on time.

Quick turnaround

Manual transcription takes a skilled transcriptionist around four hours for every one hour of audio. But automatic transcription solutions offered by outsourcing companies can reduce this turnaround time dramatically. This enables one to have transcribed content ready at hand while its timely value has still not elapsed. The information will reach the target audience while it is not stale.

Reduce turnover of employees

Outsourcing tasks of transcription helps reduce the turnover of employees. No employee likes to perform repetitive, dull, and mundane tasks. Therefore, requesting employees to handle transcription duties is a sure way to demotivate them. 

Demotivated employees are dangerous for the business; they will do only the bare minimum. Such demotivation leads to the firing or quitting of employees and thus erodes the business productivity. So, to reduce turnover and keep employees happy, it is good to outsource tasks of transcription.

Keeping information confidential

Outsourcing transcription helps ensure maximum security since outsourcing companies employ suitable security processes like industry compliance and data encryption.

In sum, transcription is required for all organizations which wish to remain efficient and organized. But outsourcing transcription work will prove to be more efficient and cost-effective than creating in-house teams. It ensures safe, efficient, and accurate transcription of even confidential business data. 

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