Saving a few pennies over Voice-Over can land your Video in a Big Trouble

Can you watch Forrest Gump (Film) or The Shawshank Redemption (Film) without the narration or Voice-Over of Tom Hanks and Morgan Freeman, respectively? 

I think most of you will say ‘No’ to this.

But can you tell why? 

Let me tell you why, because the narration connects you with the character, it makes you feel the same as what the character is feeling in a certain situation. And most importantly, it brings credibility to the story. 

When you are ready to reject one of the most entertaining mediums without proper voice-over, will you trust any such video that feels fake and made up? Probably no.  

Authenticity and Credibility is Important

Nowadays, companies are spending big cheques to add Voice-Over in their

videos, bringing more authenticity and humanizing their brand. It makes their brand more approachable and friendly at the same time. It happens very often when we forget to add anything important in our video, at such time, Voice-Over acts as a great filler.

You can’t do Everything on Your Own

People generally think that if we can shoot our commercial or content on our own, why can’t we do a voice-over on our own? 

Ever wondered why it is easy to trust someone with a calm tone rather than an impatient person? Each voice and each note has a different meaning; any mistake in such voice notes can kill the video’s impact. A professional-grade voice-over not just improves the quality of the video but also talks out loud to the customer about your service and brings a social element to the video. Sometimes target audiences, demographics, and nature of the content set the tone of voice-over. If voice-over fails to match the tonality of the product, it also fails to attract an audience. Over the years, by listening to voice-overs in Radio, television, and films, we humans have developed a tendency to trust what we hear. That’s why videos with just animation and text are not that successful. In each such video, we look for human trust, but when we fail to find it, we reject the idea of the video entirely. 

The Consumer always wants to Save Energy.

What do you prefer more, listening to music or reading the lyrics of the song? The majority of people will listen to music because it is comfortable,

easy, and saves Energy. When you read the lyrics of a song, one side of the brain struggles to find the tune of that song, and the other part just focuses on lyrics, which becomes an unnecessary exercise for the Eyes and brain. People choose to skip videos with only text or animation on video streaming platforms because such videos want consumers to invest their brains. What consumers are looking for is just a simple spoon-feeding.

Tight Spot Needs Experts

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you want to send a long text message, but characters are limited to only 120 or 180? If yes, then you might understand the value of space and the right choice of words. When you create content, you have a lot in your brain that you want to deliver to the consumers, but due to limited time slots or any other regulation, you can’t fit your whole piece. At such times agencies offering voice-over services like Parikh Info Solutions Voice over service come to your rescue. With their prior experience of the market and consumers, they know how to fit a big-sized content on a tight slot. Professional voice-over artists consistently match cadence, tone, and speech patterns, which is an essential factor. 

You guys might have noticed that TV commercials with voice-over sound more lively than ones with no voice-over. But have you ever noticed that a voice-over makes content more understandable and engaging with the vast range of expression, accent, and voices?

Localization gives you a large audience.

Giant OTT companies such as Netflix and Amazon use voice-over artists to convert their foreign language content into the regional language just to pass the language barrier, bring local references, and reach a larger audience. Every language has its uniqueness, which can only be obtained by localization of voice-over. The more regional reference you put, the wider audience you get.

Voice-over can be the game-changer for your video content, especially if you plan to grow yourself in foreign soil and want your audience to feel that they are being addressed personally. Please don’t be shy to spend on voice-over; it can boost your business overnight.

PISPL TeamAuthor

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